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Sphere is getting ready for the web!

Oozaru is a HTML version of Sphere for v2 games. Check out the preview!

Sphere: a JavaScript-based game engine

Sphere is an open-source, cross-platform game engine that features:

  • A simple but extensive, extendable API
  • A comprehensive development environment
  • Easy game packaging and distributing

Simple to learn, powerful to use

Sphere features a simple but powerful API, ideal for novice and advanced developers alike. A whole bunch of games have been made with it over the years, too.

Games made with Sphere

Development with Sphere

  • Sphere Studio's map editor in action.

  • Editing a script in Sphere Studio.

  • Running and debugging a game.

Creating Sphere-powered games is simple and convenient!

  • An Integrated Development Environment, Sphere Studio
  • The ability to run and debug your game straight from the IDE!
  • Modern JavaScript ES6 features

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We're a small, but very open community, more than ready to help you with any questions you might have!

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Downloads Drive

Downloads drive

Here, you can find things such as:

  • Games and demos
  • Libraries
  • Assets for your game
  • Engines and tools